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Levofloxacin &ColistinSulfalte Ural Solution


Each ml. Contains

Levofloxacin 100 mg
15 mg
Vitamin B6
5 mg
Aqueous Base

poultry feed supplement
not for medicinal use

Indications :

For the Control & Treatment of, severe respriatory infections of poultry Caused by bacteria including, Mycoplasmasis, infectious coryza , salmomellosis, Fowl Colera and Collibacillosis and all type of stress Conditions.

Dosage & Administration :

  • 1 ml. of solution to be administered for a total body weight of 12 kgs.
  • To be administered contineouslyfor a period of 3-5 days once daily in drinking water depending upon the severity of infection : or as recomended by the veterinarian.

Presentation :