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Shree Ashapura Enterprise(SAE)

Shree Ashapura Enterprise(SAE) was established in the year 2005 and has been a leading manufacturer of Day old chicks. As a part of diversification we have started manufacturing of Nutritional Feed supplements for Poultry since 2016.

SAE feed supplements are unique as they are manufactured using the best ingredients with the most advanced manufacturing technology in order to be a boon for Poultry. Additionally we are also trading in Dry fish since long period under the name of EFTIDA Dry Fish.

Our Products

Growth Power

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Cough Gold

Helps to recover respiratory disorders.Relaxes & dilates the bronchial passage.Decreases pulmonary congestion and Swelling

Stress Free

Improves Growth & Body Weight Makes up the requirement of amino acids over come stress including heat stress.

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